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New collection release for national yoga month

September is national Yoga month and to celebrate we have launched three stunning new eco yoga mats inspired by mother nature and her surrounding beauty so that you can find the perfect mat for you.

The benefits of yoga are not just physical but mental too and the sacred practise can bring a union of yoga.

The word 'Yoga' is derived from a Sanskrit word which translates to the meaning 'to join or unite' this is because in practise we unite our breath to our body. This joining can quite the chitter chatter of the mind and help to bring mental relief and clarity.

Our Earth Tones collection which has new three vegan yoga mats celebrates the practise of yoga and the nature around us giving those using them a chance to show their personality and individuality.

Wuufly Earth Tones collection

The first of our three yoga mats is the Wuufly Sage Fields yoga mat, which was inspired by the tradition herb sage used to cleanse and purify the space around us, its power has been passed through generations with its benefits being boasted by many.

The smell of sage can often be found upon entering a yoga studio, its detoxifying and uplifting qualities sweeping through the air. The Sage Fields Wuufly Eco mat is here to uplift and energise the yoga practise.

The next mat we have added to our collection is the Enchanted Forest Wuufly yoga mat. Our design comes from the many folk stories which tell of a magic forest where nature and beauty comes to life. The trees tell tales of our ancestors and leave mystical mischief behind. The Wuufly Enchanted Forest eco yoga mat opens the depths of the forest floor so that the yoga practise is infused with the grounding and uplifting essence of enchantment.

Our third and final new mat to our Earth Tones collection is the Wuufly Dusk yoga mat. Inspired by the new beginnings that dusk brings us, as the sun rises and spills her beauty across the earth. It's in these first glimmers of a new day that a new beginning starts, each one as refreshing and awakening as the one before it. The Dusk Wuufly yoga mat brings with it the reminder of the new opportunities and fresh starts that each yoga practise brings.

Each of our Earth Tones yoga mats are made from natural, recyclable, tree rubber base and polyurethane top. The two layers are bonded together with heat bonding process which eliminates the need of toxic glues.

All of the mats offer a superior grip and 4mm thickness which gives great support for the body. They are also wider and longer than standard mats, because Wuufly believes it's important to have even more space to flow!

What are you waiting for? Unroll your possibilities and find the mat for you at

Wuufly Earth Tones collection

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