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What is Kundalini yoga?

Have you heard of Kundalini yoga?

Maybe you've seen it on your yoga studios timetable or at an event but you're unsure of what it is?

Perhaps you're familiar with the practise but you want to read about it from a teachers perspective?

Whether you're a beginner or you've been to a Kundalini class we are sure you will be interested in finding out more through our latest interview with Kundalini teacher and breathwork facilitator Craig Seaton, who is from our home in Manchester.

We caught up with him and found out all about the practise which involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises and repetitive poses with the purpose of awakening your Kundalini energy - the energy which is located at the base of your spine!

Craig pictured above

Here's our chat below...

What is Kundalini yoga? A yoga which uses movement, the breath, meditation and mantra to cleanse the body of energetically, mental, emotional and physical blocks. As the life force energy of Kundalini is in everything and all around us, we help our own kundalini energy rise by clearing the path for it by cleaning our internal energies. What was your first experience of the practise? My first experienced of a Kriya (a set of postures and movements used to eliminate blocks) was extraordinary. It showed me how we, as humans, can access deeper states of consciousness from within ourselves by utilising the breath, emotions, mind and connection.

By taking part in a Kriya I had an experience that was similar to using plant medicine and when I recognised these states can be accessed via our own means, I had to investigate more and deeper my understandings of the energetically system and what we can do with it, and for what purpose. On top of that I felt completely energised and in awe of life. Where did you do your training? What did you have to do for it?

I did my training online with the KYTA during the first lockdown in 2020. It was a great way to spend 9 months and going in depth into the study and practice. There was a lot of great knowledge shared on the energy bodies, physical anatomy, health, sound as well as yogic philosophy & spiritual teachings just to mention a few of the topics. We would have practices where we rise at 5am for Jaapji which is a form of devotion through the practice as well as complete at least one forty day cycle of a Kriya without breaking it. Who is Kundalini yoga for?

Everyone! There are Kriyas which can help certain ailments such as headaches, irritation, anger, blocked heart, sore back, nerve pain…literally so many helpful Kriyas. I would also recommend it for anyone looking to explore spirituality and understanding life energy. What should people expect if they've never tried it before?

Repetitive movements! These are used in Kriyas to really burn away any locked/stuck energy within your system. When we form habits we are creating a certain energy and this overtime gets embedded in our system and can cause physical difficulty so a Kriya is used to really chip away at releasing this energy freeing the energetically and emotional bodies which can change thought, emotion and action. There is almost always mantra involved with a kriya and always a meditation during the kriya or at the end. Each persons results can vary depending on where they are at internally, but all can find results! What do you feel the benefits are of Kundalini yoga?

Awareness of subtle energy on a deeper level. Physical vitality, stronger lungs, clearer voice and naturally living a more aligned life as you remove the blocks inside.

Craig during a breathwork session

Please can you tell us more about your breathwork sessions in Manchester?

I teach breathwork workshops in Manchester in which I guide the participants into Conscious Connected Breath where by following deep belly breaths in and out without pause the conscious mind has the opportunity to relax and allow any unconscious content from stuck emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, laughter for example, to be felt and move through without it being judged. By allowing these feelings to be felt as you focus on the breath you can heal and release trauma stored within the bodies system which can change your thoughts and emotions creating a powerfully positive impact on your life…all through your own breath! What can people expect from a breathwork session?

Meditation, movement to get in the body and several breathing techniques before going into your own journey. After deep relaxation at the end an opportunity to share your experience is presented for those who want to offer it. What are the benefits of breathwork?

Too many to mention! Increases lung capacity, puts your nervous system into para-sympathetic mode (rest and digest) relaxes the mind, heals the body, emotional connectivity, emotional release, gets the left & right hemispheres of the brain working together, cleans the blood, alleviates stress and anxiety, access altered states of consciousness, deeper experience of meditation, the list goes on! Where can people find out more about you?

I can be find on my Instagram account @craig_seatono2 where I post all of my workshops, classes, retreats and events. Also via email at There will be updates very soon for November and December after I get back from teaching at a retreat in the end of October.

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