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Yoga for balance

As we move into Autumn with the darker nights and shorter days, the balance of daylight being out weighed by the moons time to shine it's important to still find your grounding and your balance in daily life.

It can be tempting to want to hibernate, especially in our home town Manchester where the rain can sometimes feel relentless (it's nice sometimes though we promise!)

But some juicy movement, even if it's just for 15 minutes can brighten up your body, revitalise your energy and restore your balance, so that even if the weather feels turbulent you can seek comfort in your practise.

Fluid Fox balancing on our Urban Jungle vegan pro yoga mat

When we practise in yoga with physical balance it allows us to truly connect with our breath. have you ever noticed that as soon as you hold your breath your balance goes out of the window?

Keeping a steady breath and a focused mind is the key to physical balance, but it's also the secret to mental balance too. When we can ground ourselves in that moment, we aren't pulled by our fears of the future or our worries of the past.

As the Buddah once said: "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

To help you find your balance we teamed up with yoga teacher Sarah who shared with us her top stretches for finding stability

You can check them out below..

Top tips for finding physical balance on your mat:

1) Start at the bottom, ground yourself with your base. Try picking up your toes and putting them firmly back down to establish a strong connection with your yoga mat

2) Set your Drishti which is your focus point where you look, choose something that's not moving and fix your eyes to it

3) Give yourself time, and be patient. It's unlikely you will get every balancing pose done first time, but with patience and consistency you will!

4) Use support if you need it, you can always use a chair at first and remove your grip slowly maybe with just one finger touching it for support

5) Arguably the most important tip - focus your breath! When you stop breathing or hold your breath you stop doing yoga, your breath is your anchor to the pose!

Happy balancing!

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