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Yoga for tight hips

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your body?

Perhaps working at your desk is leaving your hips, legs and back feeling a little tight?

Maybe you've been working out at the gym and you feel that your legs and hips could benefit from a good stretch?

There can be a lot of reasons why your hips are feeling tight, this could be due to standing after sitting down for a long time, your posture and how you stand for example leaning on one hip when you're stood up. Even sleeping on one side of your body can cause you some tightness.

Have you ever noticed that dog's and cat's stretch regularly? But often as humans we are stuck feeling stiff and not doing much about it.

You don't have to take lots of time out of your day to feel the benefit, movement little and often can give your body and mind a great release.

That's why we paired up with yoga teacher Sarah who put together a mini series of five short yoga tutorial videos that you can fit into every day life.

Sarah's three minute yoga tutorial for tight hips will help to ease the tension in your body, you can see them on our Wuufly Youtube channel.

Even if you just take three minutes out of your day, the time it takes to make a coffee, you can get the benefits of movement.

Some of the benefits of regular stretching include:

  • Increasing your range in motion and keeping joints healthy

  • A flexible muscle is less likely to become injured so you're less at risk of hurting yourself

  • Stretching your muscles helps keep them loose by decreasing the shortening and tightening effect that you can sometimes feel after a workout

  • Stretching the muscles of the lower back, shoulders and chest helps keep your back in better alignment and improves your posture

  • You can feel less stressed because your body will be holding less tension in the muscles due to stretching them

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