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Ocean Dream yoga mat released to support ocean conservation

The Ocean acts as the lungs of our planet and is a vital part of its ecosystem. But the ocean is in a state of crisis and needs our help.

To encourage ocean conservation awareness we have released the Wuufly vegan ‘Ocean Dream’ yoga mat in support of Sea Shepherd UK.

Meet tranquillity, freedom and diversity captured in our newest eco yoga mat – 'Ocean dream'. Feel powerful pull of the Ocean, and recognise how it’s keeping the world that surrounds us alive. It’s about noticing, letting go and flow by releasing habits that are no longer serving us.

Sea Shepherd UK is the direct-action ocean conservation movement whose mission is to defend, conserve and protect the world’s ocean from the illegal exploitation that’s destroying its environment.

10 per cent of every sale of the Ocean Dream yoga mat is donated to Sea Shepherd to help them in their work to stop illegal fishing, poaching and defend, conserve and protect the ocean that we all share. Our ocean is dying from overfishing and habitat destruction so the work of Sea Shepherd is vital.

Captain Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd, said: “If the ocean dies we all die.

“The Ocean is the life support system for the planet and that means providing 50% of the oxygen we breathe and regulating climate.

“The ocean is also the pump that allows us to have fresh water. It is the driving part, along with the sun of the global circulation system that transports water from the land to the sea to the atmosphere and back to the land again.”

The Ocean Dream yoga mat celebrates the beauty of the ocean with a sea inspired design, but also aims to bring awareness to the reality of the importance of conserving its water and habitat.

As a vegan company we make choices that help to conserve and protect the world that we live in. Each mat is made from materials which are earth and family friendly, we wrap our mats in completely recycled acid free tissue paper and deliver each by CO2 neutral means.

We are so proud to be supporting Sea Shepherd UK and we hope that we help to increase the awareness of conserving the ocean. You can find out more about our support on Instagram here.

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