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How to stretch your shoulders and neck

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimised by your posture?

Every day activities such as sitting at your desk, looking at your phone, cooking and driving can cause us to be in positions which we find 'comfortable' but actually end up causing us pain somewhere down the line.

If you've ever had a niggle in your neck, aching shoulders, or even just a tense upper body we have some stretches that will help.

Or even if you want to find some stretches you can fit into your day with no fuss to help stretch out your shoulders and neck take a look below.

Don't worry you don't have to block hours out of your diary, you just need to take 10 minutes for some self love that will help release tension and get you feeling better, stronger and more flexible in your shoulders, head and neck.

We teamed up with yoga teacher Sarah who shared with us her top stretches for your neck and shoulders.

You can check them out below...

To help with your posture whilst you work if you're sat down often, here's some of our top tips:

  • Change the position that you sit in often

  • Get up and move around, this could be to go on a short walk, do some stretching or even making yourself a drink!

  • Keep your feet on the floor, with your ankles in front of your knees, try not to cross your legs and make sure your feet are on the floor. If they can't reach use a footrest

  • Whilst you're typing away try to relax your shoulders, they should not be rounded or pulled backwards

  • Think about keeping your elbows bent between 90 and 120 degrees.

  • Make sure that your back is fully supported. Use a back pillow or other back support if your chair does not have a backrest that can support your lower back's curve.

  • Sit comfortably, you should have a well-padded seat, where your thighs and hips are parallel to the floor.

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