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A day in the life of a yoga teacher

We recently connected with yoga teacher Genesis Karlet who's currently living in Spain and has been posting Instagram Reels with one of our new Wuufly travel yoga Mats.

We caught up with her to discuss all things yoga, travel and teaching.

You can check out our interview below ⬇️

When did you decide to be a yoga teacher and why?

I started my yoga journey back in 2017. I was working as a team manager in a Surf Camp in Tenerife. We were offering surf lessons, and yoga classes.

Yoga caught my attention since day 1, it was hard for me to practice since my son was 4 years old, and he was very active. When I wasn’t working, I was taking care of him. But soon yoga became my personal space to disconnect, and my son adapted to that, I believe he really appreciated that calmness back to our routine.

Photo credit Genesis Karlet

What is your favourite style of yoga? My favourite style is power yoga. I did my YTT as power yoga teacher, hatha vinyasa, and yoga coach.

What can you not travel without?

"My travel yoga mat! I really enjoy my job as a fitness content creator, so every trip is a new opportunity for me to find inspiration, and flow."

Photo credit Genesis Karlet

What has been your best yoga class experience? Once I had an online class with a student from the States, she told me she wanted to invite a friend to the class, and I agreed. To my surprise, that friend of my student was from the same city where I lived in Venezuela, my native country. It was a huge coincidence, and the class was very fun, and multicultural.

What tips do you have for people wanting to travel but keep up a daily practice? Stick to routines. I prefer to practice mostly in the mornings, it makes me feel energised the rest of the day, that really motivates me to wake up in the morning, and practice in a new place every day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Normally I take my son to the school in the morning, then I go to the gym or practice at home. I take a refreshing shower, and have a powerful breakfast. Then I teach yoga or record classes. Answer emails. And soon it’s noon. I have lunch. Pick up my son back from school. Help him with his homework. And work on social media, take pictures or post. That usually takes me the whole afternoon. At evenings we eat dinner, and then I put my son to bed. After that it’s usually skincare night routine for me, and maybe I watch a movie before going to bed.

Photo credit Genesis Karlet

What would you like the future to look like for you? Super hard question for an anxious mind like mine. But I guess what I have always wanted for life is to be at peace. At peace with who I am, at peace who I am with. At peace with what I’m doing, and how I’m feeling.

Photo credit Genesis Karlet

How is it being a mother and finding time to practise? "At the beginning it was hard. But I believe the clue for me was inviting my son to practice with me, he has always been very reactive to my mood, as soon as he was starting to notice me calm, he was also feeling calm with me or doing his own things but in a peaceful environment."

What would you say to your younger self? "Don’t worry dear. You’re stronger, and more capable than you think."

Three words that describe your yoga practise?

"Find stillness - BREATHE"

Best song to practise yoga to?

Oh that’s so different for me depending on my mood, I can even practice listening pop songs. But a song I always come back to is: Mul Mantra (Snatam Kaur)

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