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Yoga for pregnancy and new mums with Briony Aston

Are you pregnant and want to find out what it’s like to practise yoga?

Maybe you’ve just had a baby and you want to be inspired about getting back on the yoga mat?

Perhaps you’re neither of these but you're fascinated by how a woman’s body can change and adapt to grow a human and still practise yoga!

We recently spoke to Rossendale based yoga teacher and new mum Briony Aston, who is the co-owner of Happy Baby Studio supporting women from pregnancy to preschool.

As well as this she is also a hypnobirthing instructor.

We found out more about Briony who shares her journey and expertise with us.

Briony became a yoga teacher because she’s fiercely passionate about the benefits of yoga and loves to share it, she said: “My style of teaching is a Hatha and Vinyasa combination with fiery flows.

“I feel like if Eminem taught yoga that’s what I would be!

“My favourite yoga pose is Dancer because it feels so powerful and pincha because it was a goal pose for 3 years. Now I can do it with ease - after a lot of work so I’ll never take it for granted!”

She added: “Yoga has helped me grow stronger and more flexible both in my mind and my body but truly the benefits are endless. I love it so much because the purpose of your practise grows as you do.”

Briony and Sonny with our Wuufly Heather Pro Mat

Briony, who led a live Instagram class on our Wuufly account for International yoga day on the 21st June spoke about how her body adapted whilst she was pregnant to her practise, she said: “I practised what I preach and listened to my body, taking it slow when I felt tired. I mostly continued as normal though minus deep backbends, but as I got to the third trimester and my bump got bigger it seemed like all I could do was child’s pose and inversions!

“The breathwork of yoga really benefited my body and the gentle movement helped with the aches and pains that I experienced in the later stages of my pregnancy.”

Briony gave birth to her son, Sonny Aston, on the 11th of August 2020 weighing 5lbs 7oz she spoke about what it was like getting back on the mat, she said: “Going back to practise after having Sonny was a beautiful realisation of how amazing our bodies are and just how quickly they can heal when given the chance to.

Above Briony Aston is pictured on our Heather Pro Mat

“It’s been quite nice to start the journey of more advanced postures again but with more gratitude for my body.

“My advice to new mums who want to get back to yoga would be to do it and you won’t regret it, your body will be thankful. It doesn’t need to be fancy and you don’t have to wear over-priced leggings, just some gentle movement in your pjs is enough!”

Inspired by her own pregnancy Briony is now a Doula in training, learning how to support women through birth, as well as a hypnobirthing instructor she said: “Hypnobirthing is just incredible and it should be offered to every expectant mother.

“It’s similar to yoga in that the greatest tool it gives you is the understanding of the breath. And just like yoga it empowers you. It teaches you how strong you are and how to harness your inner power. If you’re pregnant please don’t hesitate to find a hypnobirthing instructor near you, or message me about it because it’s an essential tool you’ll use forever. I’m training to be a doula now too as it goes hand in hand with my yoga and hypnobirthing courses and I love anything pregnancy/birth related.”

Briony and Olivia, owners of Happy Baby Studio on opening day

Her pregnancy also inspired her business Happy Baby Studio which is in Crawshawbooth, she said: “ Happy Baby Studio was created between myself and my wonderful friend Olivia. We met during pregnancy last Spring and experienced the journey to motherhood during the pandemic together. We wanted to extend our little support bubble to other local parents and babies and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support, it’s completely taken off!

“We only started a couple of months ago in my garage and now we have two gorgeous studios for our Happy Baby classes. We offer yoga, sensory, massage, messy play and hypnobirthing. We feel so lucky to be able to help parents from pregnancy through to pre-school, witnessing and supporting their journeys is an honour.”

Briony’s favourite song to move to is: Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd

You can find out more about Briony by following her on Instagram here and The Happy Baby Studio here

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