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You can now wear WUUFLY!

As our skin is the largest organ on our body it’s only right that we treat it fairly too. That’s why we’ve launched our new 100% organic clothing collection which features products made from raw material.

With organic clothing you’re not just making a difference to the planet but you’re being fairer to your skin too. Our latest products remain organic through the manufacturing and production processes right through to labelling and dispatch.

The way that organic clothing is made means that it poses less of a risk to the environment because no toxic pesticides are used in its production, meaning that the plants and wildlife aren’t harmed.

When you wear clothing that’s organic you don’t have to sacrifice quality either because it’s strong and resilient material, meaning when you’re practising asana postures with lots of stretching and twisting the clothing will be durable.

Due to no chemicals being involved in producing organic cotton it’s also ideal for sensitive skin and very breathable so when your body becomes sweaty from all of your pincha play you can rest assured that it will cool down quickly.

In our brand new collection you will find clothing for men and women and also added an organic yoga tote which is the ideal accessory to take with you on your first trip out to the yoga studios when they reopen.

We’d love to see you wearing Wuufly! Tag us in your pictures @wuufly

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