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Wuufly launches yoga mat with artist Hanane Lazaar

Hanane is known for her abstract, colourful and refreshing art designs. Now, her work can bring colour and life to your yoga practise. The Moroccan artist is launching a limited edition yoga mat, in collaboration with us.

The yogi, who has 100k followers on Instagram, has linked up with us to brighten up your sun salutations and offer creative inspiration for your practise. The mat could even double up as a piece of wall art, with it’s design bringing vibrant colour and light into your living space. It’s vivid colours are enough to inspire any level of yoga enthusiastic to spend more time on their mat. Hananes' inspiration for the image, which was originally designed in water colours, comes from the challenging pose, which Hanane created known as ‘Lotus Ankle’ which the mat is named after this too.

We spoke to Hanane to find out more about her magical mat design…

Where did Lotus Ankle come from? I developed the Lotus Ankle pose about two years ago, through my balancing practise. I named it because the way your feet touch looks like the petals and stem of the flower. The pose is important to me because it’s one of the moments where I’m thinking of nothing else. When I’m balancing in this pose I’m completely present - it’s really soothing. Lotus Ankle is the inspiration for the design because of this reason, it represents love, power, and hope.

Why do you enjoy doing the Lotus Ankle pose?

It took me a while to get the pose and practise it quite often to be able to stay in it whilst keeping a calm state of mind. That’s one of the moments when I'm thinking of nothing else. When I’m in a balancing pose it’s a moment where I’m thinking about nothing apart from that exact moment - it’s very soothing

Tell us about the inspiration for the mat?

I have created a head wrap/ hijab that is in the colour which is inspired by the purple of the crown chakra so this part represents this chakra.

If you try to mirror the design you will see the heart is the part where it is red, this represents love. Near the red part there is a shape that is written in black which is an arabic letter, the letter is H for heart.

The yellow represents how I feel when I balance like that, I feel mentally in the clear, powerful and strong. She’s balancing on the yellow part but there’s also blue which is for hope - that’s part of what this design represents, hope, love and power.

Mats will be priced at £45 travel – Studio £60 and will be available whilst stocks last.

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