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WUUFLY and the Kite Camps

We couldn't be happier to be a part of such an amazing events this summer... Kite & Wake Camps for ladies who like kitesurfing!

During the camp participants not only had a chance to release their inner surfer but also had an opportunity to find the peace within during yoga classes...dreams can come true! WUUFLY was one of the main sponsor of the Camps. We've decided to giveaway our yoga mats to a lucky winners during each Camp. Yogi and kitesurfer Monika (JogaDlaCiebie) is a girl behind all yoga classes during each Kite Camp. Monika is a yoga instructor and PhD student at the University of Physical Education. She started her adventure with yoga during her first year of studies - as part of classes at the university. Later yoga became her huge passion. Apart from yoga, she love traveling, positive people, a good movie and long walks.

Yoga appeared at the Camps last year, and this season - permanently entered the Camp program. It turned out to be a great complement to kitesurfing. In the morning, you can prepare for intense sessions on the water. Evening - stretch and relax. And all this on the shores of the bay, or on the beach with the background waves. There's nothing like yoga on the beach. Drop in to the moment while you watch the waves crash and recharge with nature and community... 🌊 There is always more to explore and more to learn.

Every day we're grateful to have something in our life that makes us feel so incredibly amazing! It nourishes every cell of your body and leaves you feeling energised, calm and full of love! Plus it tones and strengthens your body so you can lift your bum up to the sky ... and that’s never a bad thing!

All photos at the Camps in Poland were taken by amazing photographer Monika Mraczek. #beachyoga #wuuflymats #wuufly #wuuflywarriors #yogapl #jogapolska #yogauk #yogamanchester #yogaonthebeach #balticsea #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday

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