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Survey finds uncertainty as studios plan to reopen

As Gyms and yoga studios prepare to reopen with the Government green light for the 25th of July a survey has found that the nation are split on whether they will be rolling out their mats in a studio or keeping to a home practise.

Through lockdown yoga teachers have adapted with teaching classes through video connection, with the likes of apps like Zoom or youtube, meaning yoga became more accessible from home than it ever had been before. Leaving many teachers, studios and students wondering, what will happen when things return to normal?

Our Wufly survey has found an almost even split as to whether people in England prefer to practise at home or in the studio, with 44% of Yogis across England saying they’d rather be in a studio but 40% admitting they now prefer to practise at home.

The survey found 1 in 5 people questioned are going to return to practicing in a yoga studio setting straight away. With 30% saying they would have to think about it and 5% saying they were never going to return. One respondent said because of socially distancing they were precautious about going back to ‘normal’ as the uncertainty of Coronavirus is still very much at the forefront of many peoples lives.

The survey revealed that 65% of people had been practising yoga at home in their pjs, 60% had rolled straight out of their bed on to the mat and half of everyone who took part had their pet make an appearance whilst they’d been trying to practise.

Kamila, who is a trained yoga teacher and the brains behind Wuufly, said: “It’s great that so many people have taken up yoga at home, it’s a powerful tool not just physically but emotionally too. And who wouldn’t want to practise in their comfy pjs? Hopefully it has helped people through this uncertain time.

Those surveyed admitted that they were missing elements of a studio setting, the community being the most missed thing, followed by the ambience and the teachers. It also found that the main reason people across England started yoga was to build strength (70%), closely followed by the emotional benefits (65%) and then as a tool to improve flexibility (64%).

Kamila added: “We noticed a huge surge in sales as more people took to getting their own yoga mat during lockdown but I hope that people return and support local teachers and studios, as they have suffered like many businesses through lockdown.”

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