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Finding connection through internet connection this International Yoga Day

For the first time ever this year International Yoga Day will bring people from across the globe together online. This year on Sunday the 21st June yogis from all over the world will switch on their webcams finding connection through internet connection.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit meaning to ‘join’ or ‘unite’, symbolising the union of the body, mind and consciousness that comes when you practise. This union in a deeper sense allows people to connect with themselves, which can help grasp a deeper connection to other people. Something that we know is missing in many parts of the world right now.

WUUFLY belongs to a worldwide yoga community, which is built on all of the principles of yoga. These include non violence, in sanskrit known as Ahimsa, compassion, known as Daya, and Satya which is truth-telling.

Our brand stands by these values today and more than ever we look at those principles closely as we believe more compassion, truth and non-violence is needed.

Now in its sixth year, International Yoga Day this year will bring yogis from around the world together virtually so that we can share a loving and powerful practise connecting through the asanas and meditation.

The celebratory day is not just for those who have tried yoga before, it aims to spread the messaging of yoga to everyone and encourage those who are shy when it comes to stretching or have never considered yoga before to give it a go.

Through yoga balancing of the mind and body can be achieved, which can help to bring a more balanced life with those around us and the world itself.

International Yoga Day is here to remind us that together we are stronger, and the calmness, love and peace that you can achieve on the mat can be carried off the mat too into everyday life. We may be in isolation but we can connect via our internet connection and come together to share something special.

You can be involved with International Yoga Day through classes with local studios or by virtually attending Manchester’s International Day of Yoga Festival 2020 which is bringing together four different teachers from across the globe to offer a mix of yoga, meditation and dance.

We’d love to know what you’re getting up to this International Yoga Day! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures @WUUFLY

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