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Wuufly Weekly Lift Me Up

We know that the news of lockdown 2.0 in the UK and the different restrictions around the world can feel very heavy.

That’s why we want to bring you a little bit of sunshine, over the next month we will send weekly emails and post blogs to help to lift you up. Keep your eyes peeled as we will also be announcing some exciting Instagram events and exclusive discounts too.

This week we are sharing some feel good tips and a tasty recipe...


Journaling joy

Lockdown has definitely added more stress to life than usual, and it can be really hard to find the motivation to do things, or feel grateful.

When we’re feeling stressed and anxious it can sometimes feel like our head is spinning, one thing that has been proven to help these feelings is keeping a journal.

There’s lots of different ways to journal, one way is to keep a Gratitude Journal. You don’t have to write a lot but you could try to write three or more aspects of your life you’re grateful for, even the smallest of things.

It’s been proven to be a really helpful way of relieving stress because it helps you to focus on the good things in your life, plus you can also flick back through it and cheer yourself up and remind yourself of these things!

Grab a pen and pad and you're good to go!

The power of positivity

“I am still learning so it’s okay to make mistakes.”

We love these 99 positive affirmations in the Good Trade, check them out for a little pick me up. Maybe scroll and stop to land on one that could help you today.

Healthy Blueberry Vegan Bars

At Wuufly we love everything vegan… just like our mats! We’ve been cooking up these 7-ingredient easy, healthy vegan bars to keep us going.

They make a great addition to your picnic, if the weather allows it, or even for an after yoga snack.

Using 5 ingredients for the base; Oats, flour, syrup of your choice, coconut oil and vanilla and blueberries and chia seeds for the jam you can have on tap tasty treats to last you all week.

Click here for the recipe from the Conscious Plant Kitchen.

Reading group

As well as plenty of yoga we’ve also been getting stuck into reading books. If you’re looking for an easy read, beautifully written story with lots of messaging to apply to everyday life then we recommend The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Let us know your favourite books and why on social media.

Mandala Magic

Have you tried Mandala practise? Maybe you've seen it on the yoga timetable but you're not sure what it is?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that translates to circle, essence or competition. They are often seen as geometric circles that can help to focus meditation. The practise combines the elements bringing specific movements designed to help your yoga flow.

We’ve created a new Mandala Mat combining these magical elements, designed for mandala practise that’s complete once you bring your movement it as the fifth element.

The mat brings together earth, air, wind and fire. The fifth key element being you!

Next week we will be sharing more love and also revealing a special offer with a brand that we love...

Love from Wuufly x

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