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We want your pet videos!

Have you ever thought your home practise should be called Doga instead of yoga? Or perhaps your pet just wants to sit on your head whilst you're trying to flow?

If you're a pet loving yogi and you share your mat with a fluffy friend, we need your help!


At Wuufy we love animals! In fact our brand name is even inspired by our owner Kamila's dog... can you guess why?

Wuuf... wuuuf.

We're working on some special video content for 2021 and we would love for you and your pet to be involved.

So whether your cat thinks they are a hat and sits on your head whilst you're in child's pose, or if your dog won't move as you try to wiggle your way around them. All other pet videos are welcome to! 🐶😺🐢🐍

Please send us videos your yoga videos, on your Wuufly mat with your pet doing whatever they do best.

All videos sent to us will receive a small thank you gift and you will also get to be featured in a special project we are creating!

Please send your videos via email to

Email title: Pet Video

Please also include your full name, pets name and address

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