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Do Yoga Everywhere!

We’ve made it convenient for you to take your mat wherever you like. Like a magic carpet our mats will be delivered to your door without any extra costs. WUUFLY studio mats comes with a FREE carrying strap!.....Sooo convenient!

Yoga Journey

At WUUFLY we do mats – High quality yoga mats. Fair for everyone. No compromises.

We love yoga, animals and good food. Our mission is to create a better world for everyone.

We are all learning from each other and we love this journey! We all started somewhere and we all are developing our practice. We are where we supposed to be. We want you to remember this! At WUUFLY we love yoga, that's why we decided to create fair and affordable yoga mats without compromises. Simple. As if our marketing gurus are sitting on a bolsters and meditating these posts across...well maybe in the future.

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