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Designed in Manchester with love!

WUUFLY yoga mats are created to meet the most rigorous tests of our customers.

We love Manchester that's why we have incorporated the worker bee on three of our mats!

Fly me to the moon

Our WUUFLY mats comes in 2 styles: travel and studio.

The 'Fly me to the moon' travel mat is made of natural, recyclable tree rubber base and microfiber top. Two layers are bonded together by a heat bonding process which eliminates the need of toxic glues.    The mat is only 1.5mm thick which makes it perfect for travel as it can be folded, rolled - you name it mat will do it! It’s extra light and has a soft top layer made of a microfiber material which works according to moisture – the sweatier you get, the more grip you’ll have. WUUFLY mats have been designed in Manchester which is yet another reason why we incorporate a bee in the centre of our design. We admire bees and yes we are trying to be like precious hardworking bees and yogis in bringing fantastic mats available for everyone!

Unique design

Each WUUFLY mat has a soft surface with strong grip to keep poses balanced even in the heat. Our mats are also UV resistant, which makes them great for outdoor and on the go practice. WUUFLY mats are non-toxic & eco-friendly.

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