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Ahoy World!

At WUUFLY we believe that yoga is a journey.

The way you overcome obstacles on the mat to better understand and to accept yourself and the world around you.

WUUFLY mats are non-slip, anti-bacterial and mould proof!

WUUFLY is a vegan company, 100% of our products are suitable for vegans.We use natural and recyclable materials. We want to reduce the amount of waste so all our packaging is recyclable. Even our acetate sheets can be recycled along with paper, because it is a polymer made from wood pulp and cotton linters... Aww, we are so Eco!

At WUUFLY, we believe that our materials should be bought with respect, protecting the environment and social impact.

We think that animal testing is unacceptable!

We believe that all tests can be provided without using animals! 

Our main goal is uniqueness, quality of materials and availability.

We do mats and we support Yogis!

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